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Yes!! The Best Selling Novelty In The World!!

Novelty/Celebrity Id Cards are professionally designed and made here in the USA. These Novelty ID Cards are nicely laminated for a lifetime of use by your customer. They are approximately the size of a Credit Card and/or Driver License. They are for use as a gag novelty. They are a lot of fun and a great conversation piece. Most of them are Celebrity Collectibles and some are just plain fun to have. Your customers will buy more than one, usually several at a time.

No Other Novelty Product Makes You More Money Faster!!!


McLovin Hawaii Novelty ID Card
Elvis Presley Blue Tennessee Novelty ID Card
Dale Earnhardt, Sr NC Novelty ID Card
Michael Jackson California Novelty ID Card
Obama Presidential License Novelty ID Card
Edward Twilight License Novelty ID Card
Nick Jonas Brother California Novelty ID Card
Dale Earnhardt, Jr North Carolina Novelty ID Card
Witness Protection Program Novelty ID Card
Alien Universe License Novelty ID Card

ID Display
Elvis Presley Tennessee Novelty ID Card
Celebrity Novelty Id Cards are the most consistent selling novelty we have sold over the past 22+ years in this business. We have stores that have consistently sold Novelty ID's for several years and continue to sell them and make a nice profit at the same time. The primary reason for this is that new selections are always becoming available. Some selections are timeless and others sell because of  current popularity. The above pictures are examples of these ID Cards.

There are currently over 400 designs and most of them will sell. However, certain ones just run away selling. You get 120 of the 8 to 12 most popular and consistent sellers. Most stores start out with twice that many. However, you can get a good indication of how well they will sell in your store with this package. Your price is only $1.19 each and you sell them for $2.99 up each. You get a FREE display and FREE shipping!!! Plus, you get our "Guaranteed Sale" service or our "100% Money Back Guarantee"!!! The Display takes very little space and makes more profit per square foot than most other products...

Sell These Novelty Celebrity ID Cards Too

Based on initial sales and reorders, here is a sampling of what several stores have done retailing Novelty/Celebrity ID Cards. Results are typical with 90% + of stores that sell Novelty/Celebrity ID Cards. I can not think of any stores that have had these for over 60 days that sold less than 150 ID Cards. You can be reasonably sure Novelty ID Cards will sell for you.


I-81 Truck Stop - Exit 86/I-81/Wythe Co, VA - Sold Over 2,500 Novelty ID's
Luray Caverns - Rt 211/Luray, VA -Sold Over 1,800 Novelty ID's
Sparky's Service Center - Rt 501/Mullins, SC - Sold Over 1,900 Novelty ID's
ROCS Oil Shell - Exit 5/I-81/Inwood, WV - Sold over 1,300 Novelty ID Cards
Stewarts Drug - Parkway Blvd/Pidgeon Forge,TN - Sold over 700 ID's
Redi Mart Exxon - Exit 143/I-81/Hollins, VA - Sold over 1,400 Novelty ID Cards
Kelley's Market - Rt 220 N/Gala, VA - Sold over 600 Novelty ID Cards
Fast Break BP Mart - Exit 27/I-64/Clifton Forge, VA - Sold over 1,200 Novelty ID's


Order This item by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button just below the pricing information. Your order will be processed through our PayPal Checkout Cart, membership not required and most credit cards are honored through Paypal. And remember, you always have our "Guaranteed Sale" service or "Money Back Guarantee.

Also, when you order through Paypal, you will see a box for 'special instructions" where you can request us to contact you for your preferences on which ID Cards you would like and how many of each, that is, if you would rather not get the preselected best sellers. Best sellers are recommended. However, you know your market better than we do so You decide. We can email you a complete list of ID Cards available for you to choose from.


Gauranteed Sale And Or Money Back Gaurantee




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