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All About Novelty Service Company

Novelty Service Company was established in 1989 and started as a supplier of fresh roses to convenience stores. Within the first year, we branched out into supplying those same convenience stores with novelties such as key chains, plush, lighters, toys, gifts and many other items.

We have always offered to our clients a "guaranteed sale" on all products we put into their stores. We have been servicing convenience stores and truck stops since that time by bringing the products directly to their stores, selling new items and crediting them for those items they sold through on or did not sell. We have been successful doing this for the past 22 or so years.


We have had a web presence for a few years selling to whomever would come to our website and buy a product we had for sale there. There were no guarantees and we did a little business along the way.

Now we have embarked  upon the same strategy as that we have been doing for over 22 years in person, store to store, but doing it online. We crunched the numbers and found that we could offer this same "guaranteed sale" service to almost any convenience store, truck stop, gift shop, variety store and resort stores. And, the service would be cost free to the stores that participated while helping us to expand our reach and reducing our overall expenses as well.


For complete details of our 'guaranteed sale" service for your business, please go to our Home Page or our Guarantee Page. We have included details of the service on both of these pages and if you have any questions about the service we offer, please feel free to Contact Us at your convenience. We can furnish references if requested.

Every product we have is tested for sales in the stores that we service in person and that is why we are able to offer not only a "guaranteed Sale" service, but also a money back guarantee as well. Go to our Products Page to see the great fast selling high profit items we have available. New products will be added on a regular basis, so please return often. As far as we know, we are the only wholesale company that offers a complete money back guarantee on their products. Give Us A Try!!




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