*One Of Our Top Ten Best Selling Products*

These Pendant/Necklaces Are Big Profit Makers!!

Yes, these Hematite Necklaces are a fast selling and high profit item that will sell in almost any retail outlet from Convenience Stores to Gift Shops as well as Variety Stores, Truck Stops, Resort Shops and even Grocery Stores and Department Stores. This is an assortment of 18" and 16" Hematite Necklaces each with a carved pendant. The necklaces are made from Hematite beads and the pendant is carved from a piece of Hematite.

Most Customers Know About Hematite And Demand Is High

Large Open Heart Hematite Pendant

Black Bear Hematite Pendant

Butterfly Hematite Pendant

Cross Hematite Pendant

Teddy Bear Hematite Pendant

Medium Heart Hematite Pendant

Turtle Hematite Pendant

Thunderbird Hematite Pendant

Double Heart Hematite Pendant

Horn Hematite Pendant

Moon Hematite Pendant

Open Star Hematite Pendant


Hematite Necklace/Pendants are one of  the top ten great selling items we have had recently. The above pictures show some of the most popular styles that are included in your order. You get 48 of the best selling styles (some not pictured here). You pay $2.29 per necklace/pendant and you get a FREE display and FREE shipping. You sell them for $4.99 each. And, you get our "Guaranteed Sale" service or our 100% Money Back Guarantee!! A picture of a rack similar to the one you get is below. We will send you a header as well.

Display With Hematite Pendant Necklaces                         Display For Necklaces     

Sell These Hematite Pendant Necklaces

Most of the same stores that have sold the Novelty ID Cards, Novelty Money and Arte Glass Necklaces also have sold these Hematite Pendant/Necklaces. Results were excellent. All stores sold over their initial stock and more. They sold between 48 and 150 or more. I know of no stores that sold less than 48 Of this item. You want a product that you are reasonably sure will sell for you. Most of our customers reorder this item.

Please note: We have sold many other items to these stores and some have sold well and some not so well. We are only offering those items on our website that we know to be good sellers and money makers for you.

Order This item by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button just below the pricing information. Your order will be processed through our PayPal Checkout Cart, membership not required. And remember, you always have our "Guaranteed Sale" service or "Money Back Guarantee.

Gauranteed Sale and or Money Back Gaurantee



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