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These Pendant/Necklaces Are A Money Maker!!

Venetian Arte Glass or Murano Glass as it is also known is made using a unique layering process. The glass is actually layered while the designs are inlaid into the layers of glass. This process is  intense and produces a beautiful product that is very popular as a gift of jewelry. While the process is exacting to produce designs that are alike, there are enough differences such as actual size, slight design or color differences, even slight differences in shape that may not readily be detected but nonetheless are there. This makes each Glass Pendant Unique in itself.

Demand Is High For These As Well As The Profit!!!

Butterfly Arte Glass Pendant

Coral Drop Arte Glass Pendant

Coral Heart Arte Glass Pendant

Feather Heart Arte Glass Pendant

Flower Drop Arte Glass Pendant

Glow In Dark Arte Glass Pendant

Spoon Arte Glass Pendant

Mushroom Arte Glass Pendant

Peace Color Arte Glass Pendant

Turtle Arte Glass Pendant

Peace Foil Arte Glass Pendant

Swirl Heart Arte Glass Pendant


Arte Glass Necklace Pendants are among the great selling items we have had recently. The above pictures show some of the most popular styles that are included in your order. You get 48 of the best selling styles and colors (each style has several color designs). You pay $2.67 per necklace/pendant and you get a FREE display and FREE shipping. You sell them for $5.99 each. And, you get our "Guaranteed Sale" service or our 100% Money Back Guarantee!! A picture of a rack similar to the one you get is below. We will send you a header as well.

Display With Arte Glass Pendant Necklaces                        Display For Necklaces

Sell These Arte Glass Pendant Necklaces

Based on initial sales and reorders, here is a sampling of what several stores have done retailing Arte Glass Pendant/Necklaces. Results are typical with 90% of stores that sell Arte Glass Pendants. I know of only two stores that sold less than 48 Of this item. You want a product that you are reasonably sure will sell for you. Most of our customers reorder this item.


Thaxton Market - Rte 460 East/Thaxton, VA - Sold over 200 Arte Glass Necklaces
General Store - West Main St/Fort Lewis, VA - Sold over 150 Arte Glass Necklaces
Express Stop - Exit 98/I81/Dublin, VA - Sold over 200 Arte Glass Necklaces
Radford T-Stop, Exit 109/I81/Radford, VA - Sold over 75 Arte Glass Necklaces
Interstate Shell - Exit 133/I-95/Fredericksburg, VA - Sold over 120 Arte Glass Necklaces
ROCS Shell Mart, Exit 5/I81/Inwood, WV - Sold over 175 Arte Glass Necklaces
Fast Break BP Mart - Exit 27/I-64/Clifton Forge, VA - Sold over 120 Arte Glass Necklaces

Order This item by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button just below the pricing information. Your order will be processed through our PayPal Checkout Cart, membership not required. And remember, you always have our "Guaranteed Sale" service or "Money Back Guarantee.

Gauranteed Sale And Or Money Back Gaurantee




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